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Account Info and Profile

Check key validity and user info

To check your key validity, as well as user and information, by calling this command:

lc user info

If user information command returns an error, please verify your internet connection, ensure you can access, and check the Access Key and Secret Key.

Check user account info

Check the user account information by calling this command:

lc user account

Change user account info on Lyrid platform

Lyrid Web Application / My Account / Profile

Access My Account by clicking on your avatar on the platform. Users can change their name, avatar, account name and password using the profile page. Simply input what field you would like changed and press the corresponding Save button.

Lyrid platform is now fully integrated with GitHub to handle application and services deployments. Users can authorize a GitHub integration by logging into their GitHub account from the Lyrid platform.

Switch accounts: Multiple associated accounts

Users have the ability to switch between two separate accounts. For example, a user might have access to their personal Lyrid account and the company account to manage company applications or machine clusters. (how to set this up?)