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Understanding The Technology

Lyrid Platform

Lyrid is a platform based on Kubernetes that simplifies the way users build, deploy, and manage solutions at scale efficiently using any cloud infrastructure. Deploy applications, micro services, database, or storage with 4-clicks.

Our platform wraps user code using GitHub integrations, preset serverless function templates, and docker containers using Lyrid’s machine learning and policy management software to be flexibly deployed into any cloud platform, in any configuration using Kubernetes - local data centers, Lyrid managed data centers, or public cloud vendors. The Lyrid platform allows users to create their code base without a public cloud signature, which can then be uploaded into the Lyrid platform where it is analyzed, packed, and remotely built into different built artifacts that can be deployed on any cloud platform.

Lyrid Serverless

Using our interface (Lyrid CLI and Web application), our build and deployment platform provides our users with the capability to have a consistent serverless application that can be deployed on multiple serverless infrastructures like AWS Lambda, or GCP. These functions will be automatically deployed globally using policies that are set by the user.

Our platform consists of tools for our users to be able to run and test their applications and services locally with minimal dependencies to interact and distribute your application on a native serverless public cloud platform.

The Lyrid platform also provides a single endpoint for the user interact as an interface into their function. This public endpoint will act as a policy based load balancing proxy between the different cloud platforms. The Lyrid platform will determine (based on user policy) where the code will be executed.

End-to-End Datacenter Support

Lyrid exists in the perfect intersection of an Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider and a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider. Blending in simplified, seamless user experience of a PaaS and the flexibility and depth of an IaaS.

One of the things Lyrid excels at is our end-to-end data center support. Lyrid, as a Kubernetes platform, utilizes the Kubernetes Cluster API to create Kubernetes clusters by accessing commonly used IaaS layers such as OpenStack or VMWare and connecting them with our internal Lyrid deployment engine, turning bare metal or VMs from data centers to Kubernetes clusters.

This way, Lyrid is able to enhance data center partners' product offering to end-users by offering Managed Solutions, Storage/DB, and Compute Managed Services that are available in Lyrid marketplace. Lastly, Lyrid offers a wide-range of white labeling services to data center partners, reducing technology development costs and enhancing their competitiveness in today’s cloud landscape.

Lyrid’s goal is to bridge the technology gap for local data centers with hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) by offering the end-to-end experience of a public cloud, at a fraction of the cost.

Lyrid Application Management Platform

The Lyrid platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to deploy easily. Our dashboard provides users with a summary of all deployed applications and databases. The serverless operation statistics presents users with the invocation counter and the average execution latency. If users have deployed on multiple cloud servers, they can check their application performance based on the server over a set period of time.

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