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Understanding The Technology

Lyrid Platform#

Lyrid is a cloud platform that enables users to develop, distribute and manage cloud native applications and services effectively by utilizing native serverless technologies from all public cloud vendors.

Our platform wraps serverless functions that can then be flexibly deployed on any cloud platform, without being locked into a specific cloud vendor (like Amazon Web Service Lambda (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform Cloud Run (GCP). The Lyrid platform allows users to create their code base without a public cloud signature, which can then be uploaded into the Lyrid platform where it is analyzed, packed, and remotely built into different built artifacts that can be deployed on any cloud platform.

Lyrid Serverless#

Using our interface (Lyrid CLI and Web application), our build and deployment platform provides our users with the capability to have a consistent serverless application that can be deployed on multiple serverless infrastructures like AWS Lambda, or GCP. These functions will be automatically deployed globally using policies that are set by the user.

Our platform consists of tools for our users to be able to run and test their applications and services locally with minimal dependencies to interact and distribute your application on a native serverless public cloud platform.

The Lyrid platform also provides a single endpoint for the user interact as an interface into their function. This public endpoint will act as a policy based load balancing proxy between the different cloud platforms. The Lyrid platform will determine (based on user policy) where the code will be executed.

Universal HTTP API Gateway for Web Framework#

After deployment and setting up the policies, to call into Lyrid serverless functions, Lyrid supports the ability to call/invoke the serverless functions using our Universal HTTP API Gateway. Our gateway is driven by execution policy to drive the execution of your serverless functions.

Lyrid API Gateway propagates all the HTTP requests (Method, Headers, Body, Path and Query) into the serverless functions.

Additionaly, we support the Web Server Frameworks to be submitted into the platform and creates the different builds for public clouds to be deployed and executed with the Universal API Gateway.

Application Management Platform#

Get in Contact#

Thank you for your support! Feel free to join our Slack Community and get in contact with us!