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Initializing Lyrid Client


This step requires you to have access key and secret key. If either your keys are lost or you just want to make a new key, you can head here .

Adding Default Config

Lyrid CLI interface needs to be initialized with the key and secret that is generated by the system. To initialize the client, run this following command:

lc config add --config "default" --key "<key>" --secret "<secret>"
  • After adding new config , you can check your user and account info here
  • Local user config JSON file is store in the current user's home folder path $HOME/.lc directory

Additional Config

User can add more than one access and secret key into their local machine by calling another add command with different config name.

To list the currently usable config

lc config list

Switching Current Config

Only one configuration context can be use at a time. To select a configuration

lc config select --config "<config name>"

Deleting Config

To delete a single configuration:

lc config delete --config "<config name>"

To clear all configurations in the local machine:

lc config clear