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Purchase Clusters *

Buy Machine Clusters Dynamically from UI

A big feature coming into the Lyrid platform is the ability to buy machine clusters dynamically from our user-interface (UI) from Lyrid data center partners.

Purchase Clusters

Select "+ Cluster", then "buy from our provider"

Users are able to filter machine cluster options from data center providers based on cluster capabilities, location, region, bare metal or VMs, etc.

Step 1. Choose Cluster Provider and Region

Find the cluster most suitable for your needs by choosing based on region and capabilities.

Step 2. Virtual Machine and Pricing

Users can choose between virtual machines or bare metal solutions, and then based on the provider chosen, there will be a list of pricing. Select the most desireable one.

Bare-metal server - Infrastructure that using dedicated machine or server that not sharing with another system

Virtual Machine - Infrastructure that usually shared by another VM in one or separated machine. All of the resources is virtualized.

Step 3. Summary

Confirm your cluster details and press "Create"