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Managing Lyrid App

Submitting Application

Once the user is ready to deploy their function into the cloud, call these following in the location where the file .lyrid-definition.yaml is located.

lc code submit

This command will zip the current folder that has .lyrid-definition.yaml file, and upload it into the platform. Once it is uploaded, the Lyrid platform will start to analyze and create different build artifacts for the modules by creating jobs in the platform.

Checking Current Job Status

To check on the current job status:

lc job list

Debugging error on build

In case of any error, user will be able to run the build manually by calling manual build in the app directory where the framework is "AWS", "GCP", or "LYR":

lc code build --framework "<Cloud>"

Executing manual build will show the user the issues in the build.

Updating Module

The user can update their module in the Lyrid platform by submitting another revision of the code. Submitting another module will create a new revision that will be marked active revision.


Only latest active revision is used for deployment and execution

Deploying Module to Cloud

Default Policy

Deployment of a module (with all its functions) is done by the Lyrid platform into all of the public clouds that are currently configured in the system.

By default, we will apply the following default policy settings to each cloud service:

  • Default region: us-east-1
  • Memory Size: 256MB
  • Timeout Settings (seconds): 300
  • VPC: none
  • Default Region: us-central1
  • Memory Size: 256MB
  • Timeout Settings (seconds): 300
  • VPC: none
  • Default Region: us-west-1
  • Memory Size: 256MB
  • Timeout Settings (seconds): 300
  • VPC: none

Deploying a Module

User will be able to deploy their module using the following command in the app directory:

lc code deploy --framework "<Cloud>"
  • The manual deployment provides insight on errors during the deployment if an issue arises.
  • To manually deploy a module to specific framework , you can use --framework "<AWS/GCP/LYR>"

Managing Deployment Policy

We're currently brewing this new feature. Stay tuned !

Managing Execution Policy

We're also currently brewing this new feature. Stay tuned !

Deleting Module Revision

Deleting is not yet available.

Deleting Lyrid App

Deleting is not yet available.