Managing Cloud Credentials

Connecting Public Cloud Credential to Lyrid Platform#

Before you can use Public Cloud in Lyrid Platform , you also need to link the Cloud credential (AWS or GCP) into the account.

Adding AWS credential#

To add AWS Secret Key and Access Key, run the following command:

lc cloud add --framework "AWS" --key "<AWSKey>" --secret "<AWSSecret>"

Adding GCP credential#

To add the GCP JSON file, run the following command

lc cloud add --framework "GCP" --json <json-file-location>

Currently only one cloud credential per cloud framework per account is possible, adding another cloud account credential of the same framework will override the credential that is saved in the system.

Listing all credentials#

To list credential that is in the system:

lc cloud list

Removing a credential#

To remove credential that is in the system:

lc cloud delete –id <credential-id>

Use Cloud Credential List to get the ID of the credential to be deleted.